About Dish

What we do


We specialize in creating perfect food events for important occasions in Hawke’s Bay. We create menus that are bold in flavor and are immaculately presented, so not only do they taste amazing, the dishes look incredible too. With the benefit of 10 years catering experience we know how to design menus that are appropriate for the occasion, thus ensuring you will have food that will delight your guests and impress your clients.

The quality of our food is paramount, so all of our food is prepared fresh, from scratch, and it is with great pride that we can say that our food is sourced from a variety of local suppliers within the Hawke’s Bay.

Let us work together to plan your event – from the initial consultation, we can put together a proposal for you which would include menus, a beverage plan and staff considerations. We easily arrange all of your hireage requirements from local suppliers, coordinate all deliveries, and we will be there on the day to make sure that every aspect of your event has been considered and executed without a hitch.

What makes us different


At Dish we know that catering is about peace of mind, we know what we do is important, and when we are asked to cater for a client they have put their trust in us. We know that catering is not only about food, it is about relationships, it is about seamless service, and it is about accepting nothing but the best in everything we do for you.

We can let you be inspired and take the lead in designing a menu or we can take the hassle out of the planning process, and we can customize a menu for you to perfectly suit the mood and needs of your guests.

What you’ll get


When you ask Dish to cater for your event you can be rest assured you are in the hands of professionals. You will get:

  • Streamlined planning service from our talented team of function organisers.
  • Event appropriate food items so you can sleep easy knowing all your guests needs are taken care of.
  • Original and super fresh menus inspired by the latest in food trends and the seasonal variety of Hawke’s Bay.
  • Professional wait staff who will communicate with you throughout the course of your event so we can adapt to the needs of your schedule and guests, we know your event is about you not us.
  • The very best cuisine created in-house by our chefs and delivered to you, freshly prepared and warm, ready to serve.

Jenny Parton


As the director and executive chef, Jenny’s influence is everywhere at Dish. Her passion for food, family and fun is what drives her on a daily basis to inspire her team and wow her clients.

Jenny is a dedicated mother of two boys, who prior to starting her family and Dish, travelled extensively throughout Asia and Europe as a guest chef at such prestigious events as the world gourmet summit in Singapore.

A switch to catering has meant that Jenny has enjoyed the opportunity to communicate with her clients directly and engage on a creative level to design and execute amazing food experiences. Jenny has found the greatest pleasure in catering has come from “that moment, when you suggest a concept that is something they had never considered or thought possible, that moment when you see their eyes light up and the relief of knowing they are talking to someone who is as inspired about their wedding as they are”.

Our team


Over the last 10 years Jenny has worked hard to build a team around her who reflect her drive for service and passion for food in their work. When you choose Dish to cater for you, be it a small cocktail party at home, your wedding, or a vital corporate event, you can rest assured in the knowledge that you have contracted one of the most capable and comprehensive catering teams within the Hawke’s Bay.

We offer a complete range of services including custom designed menu packages, one on one consultation, and a referral to our most preferred and expert industry associates.